The General Practice Nurse and Health Care Assistant Awards recognise excellent nursing innovations, patient focussed care and inclusive practice across seven areas. For 2021 exclusively, we have an extra award for a nurse/HCA/team who have gone above and beyond what has been expected of them during the pandemic.

Please note: Nominations closed on 2nd July. Shortlisting now in progress.

Leadership in Primary Care 

A Practice Nurse Award

The nominee should:

  • be an aspirational role model, motivating and challenging practice
  • be forward thinking and progressive 
  • show evidence of influencing change in Primary Care

2020 Winner – Sarah Fisher

2020 Winner – Gleadless Team

Compassionate and Caring Practice Team 

An award for the whole practice team

We welcome nominations that showcase a whole practice team for this award that demonstrates an inclusive team approach. 

They should:

  • Promote and demonstrate an inclusive team approach
  • Demonstrate evidence of valuing all staff members
  • Represent a shared ethos of providing high quality care whilst maintaining positive staff well-being

Rising STar

A Practice Nurse Award

We welcome nominations that recognise the inspiring contribution that a nurse new to Practice Nursing (within the last 2 year) has demonstrated.

They should:

  • Demonstrate an enthusiastic approach to improving patient outcomes
  • Show evidence of fully embracing the practice nurse role

2020 Winner – Sam Cunliffe

2020 Winner – Donna Fisher

Inspirational Health Care Assistant

A Health Care Assistant Award

We welcome nominations that recognise the contributions that an outstanding HCA makes in practice.

They should:

  • Be an active member of the practice team
  • Be able to demonstrate that they strive to deliver quality care
  • Are respected by both patients and staff

Commitment to General Practice Nursing 

A Practice Nurse Award

We welcome nominations that recognise a nurse who is passionate about their nursing profession

The nominee should:

  • Champion and promote general practice
  • Clearly demonstrate the positive impact that they have on their colleagues and patients

2020 Winner – Colette Boyden

2020 Winner – Nisa Duttine

Support and Mentorship 

A Practice Nurse Award

We welcome nominations that demonstrate evidence of a nurse who goes the extra mile to support and mentor new-to-practice nurses or nursing students

The nominee should:

  • show evidence of supporting and mentoring new team members
  • ensure individuals receive a safe, encouraging and stimulating learning experience

NEW FOR 2021:


Practice Nurse, Health Care Assistant or Whole Practice Team Award

This one off award recognises the exceptional contribution that either a Practice Nurse, Health Care Assistant or whole Practice Team has made during the pandemic.

They should:

  • Demonstrate exceptional practice during the pandemic
  • Evidence of going “above and beyond” in demonstrating exceptional patient care